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Again, since we’re all still talking about the new Persona 5 trailer, we should revisit the OTHER important Persona video: 2 Best Friends Play Persona 4.



hey since there’s so much news about the new persona game i think it’s time to bring this little gem back.

Call out sexism in someone’s post.

Poster won’t face up to you or their comments.

But they’ll reblog their own post, laughing about it.

A++ hockey fandom. Never change, assholes.


post-sauna fight scene

Doctor Who: Cold War - the Doctor teams up with Davos Seaworth and Edmure Tully to stop a nuclear holocaust on board a Soviet nuclear submarine.

It’s like a fanfic written just for me. Except it’ll probably suck.

She’s so… replaceable. Easily replaceable.

And she doesn’t DO ANYTHING! She’s basically Amy without Rory towards the end of the Ponds’ arc when they both stopped being agents in their own damn story. Which makes it doubly bad for Clara since she doesn’t do anything from the very beginning.

Also… I like Matt Smith. I like what he does with the Doctor… when HE shines through. But I hate so much of the writing for him - making him grumpy, and cold, and calculating, and all sorts of nasty, miserable things. That’s not Eleven as he should be. Eleven is an old soul in a young body and started off having all the odd conflicting quirks that you’d think would come from such a thing. And I see it when he interacts with children - playing the Doctor at the Proms after his first season, and just a few days ago at Fan Expo when children would ask him questions (during his panel) as if he WAS the Doctor. He’s this wonderful character that gets pulled in all sorts of different inconsistent directions by Moffatt’s shitty, uncreative, bigoted writing.

I like Eleven in spite of the writing. I like the Ponds in spite of the writing. I tried to like River in spite of the writing. And I think with Clara I just don’t have the energy to keep trying to like it in spite of the writing.

The next episode is on a Russian nuclear submarine and I’m hoping to at least be entertained because Liam Cunningham is a fantastic actor.


You’re going to need it

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"Don’t be sad if you didn’t get your Hogwarts letter because between years blah, blah, blah…"

Not only is there ZERO basis in canon for that “factual tidbit”, Livejournal lists Hogwarts under my list of schools and my school robes are still hanging in my closet… and I was born in 1987.

So either your owls were lost in the mail, you’re just not magical, or you live outside the Commonwealth and forgot about looking into the other international wizarding schools.

And I’m very sorry about all of the above, but the latter is your own damn fault, you unimaginative muggles.

Been catching up on Doctor Who finally.

What even is the point of Clara?

I want to like her. I want to feel connected to her. Parts of her character remind me of myself. And yet, she seems to hollow as a character. I feel like she suffers in the same way everything and everyone suffered from Series 5 onward: good concepts but bad writing.